Navigating the options for infant feeding help in Edmonton can feel confusing. The purpose of this site is to present all the options available and help you make decisions for what route(s) are best for you and your family. The ideal scenario would be that when feeding challenges are identified, you would receive quick access to a comprehensive clinic with an IBCLC (lactation consultant) and a physician who is trained in breastfeeding medicine, covered by Alberta Health Care. Unfortunately, in Edmonton, those clinics face long wait times due to few clinics and high demand. Other lactation support options such as private practice IBCLCs and peer-support groups can provide an alternative to the publicly funded clinics, and depending on the feeding issue, may be able to fully resolve your concerns. With complex feeding issues, private IBCLCs and peer-support groups can help support you and make improvements while you wait for your clinic appointment.

Prenatal lactation education

  • Private Practice Lactation Consultant

    Private practice IBCLCs offer breastfeeding and infant feeding prenatal sessions in group sessions or one-on-one classes for a fee.

  • Public health

    Alberta Health Services offers prenatal classes. Contact your local Public Health Center for more information.

  • La Leche LEague (LLL)

    Attending a La Leche League meeting prior to baby's arrival can prepare you for what to expect, plus connect you to help should issues arise. Meetings are free to attend in person or virtually.

  • Complex scenarios

    For people with history of lactation challenges or more complex medical concerns, you may be a candidate for a prenatal appt at the Village Lactation, Allin Clinic, Misericordia, Royal Alex, or GNH.

lactation scenarios

  • I need virtual support

    Many private practice lactation consultants offer secure virtual sessions, where a wide variety of issues can be addressed. They Grey Nuns Hospital Breastfeeding Clinic offers a virtual option if required. Peer-support groups run virtual meetings on a regular basis.

  • I need help with my older baby

    All lactation support options will help you throughout the entire course of your feeding journey.

  • I need community & reassurance

    Attend a peer-support feeding group virtually or in person. This is a place where you can bounce ideas off other people in similar scenarios, and receive help from group facilitators.

  • Somebody mentioned a tongue tie...

    Tongue ties are complex, requiring expert assessment. See an IBCLC through private practice or a breastfeeding clinic for a full assessment. More info here