Feeding Support Directory

Peer-to-Peer Lactation Support

Free feeding support offered by peers and professionals. Various meeting types offered.
Group NameOther Info
Kihew Awasis Wakamik Cultural SocietyWe will have aunties, birthworkers, midwives and knowledge keepers available for questions as well as other Indigenous parents sharing experiences and knowledge.
La Leche LeagueVirtual and in-person meetings in Edmonton & Surrounding Areas
La Leche League Phone HelplineVolunteer-run helpline. Call 780-478-0507 with your breastfeeding questions.
Jasper Place Family Resource CenterMany free resources for multiple aspects of family and parenting life. Register for Bonding Together – Parent & Baby for feeding support.

Public Lactation Support

Clinics covered by Alberta Health Care. Referral required for each clinic. Wait times vary by clinc and are approx 10 days up to 7 weeks.
Clinic NameContact Info
Willow Family MedicineContact
Allin Clinic Breastfeeding ClinicPh: 780-482-7551
Misericordia Hospital Breastfeeding ClinicPh: 780-735-2577
Grey Nuns Hospital Breastfeeding ClinicPh: 780-735-7346
Royal Alexandra Hospital Breastfeeding ClinicPh: 780-735-4605
Village LactationContact

Private Lactation Support

Paid out of pocket. Short wait times (can receive help within days). Active IBCLC certification recommended.
Provider Name
Erica Kalke, Synergy Breastfeeding Clinic
Mychelle Gagne, Melissa Alexander, Brittney Harke, Jennifer Hanlin – Little Nursing Co
Megan Schafers, Home Visits & Pine Health
Sheena Tabbert, MilkBud Lactation
Labour Day Prenatals – Brittany
Brittney Pederson, Pine Health & Village Lactation
Kylla Serben, Park Lactation
Sarah Lang, Prairie Baby Lactation
Leah Cadieux
Fiona Lang Sharpe
Pam Davey
Samara McLachlen, IBCLC

Local dentists who perform infant frenectomies

Consider working with an IBCLC before and after seeing the dentist to ensure complete assessment, preparation, and follow up feeding support.
DentistLocation in Edmonton
Dr. Stas PavlenkoDowntown
(In-house lactation support (depending on appt date/time) to assist with assessment and latch)
Dr. VarugheseCentral/ northwest
Dr. CrichtonCentral/ northwest
Dr. HeitSouthwest (Roper Rd)
Dr. BoldtSummerside
Dr. EvansonDowntown
Dr. NgCastledowns

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