Private Lactation Support

Private (paid out-of-pocket) lactation support can be an excellent option for breast/chestfeeding support for many families. While we would all love to see more government funding for lactation, in Edmonton our options are limited and can mean long wait times. With breast/chestfeeding, especially newborns, timely access to support can make a world of difference. Our city is privileged to have a variety of highly skilled IBCLCs to support you in your home, virtually, or in a clinic setting. Private appointments start around $150/initial assessment. IBCLCs can help with everything from latching to bottle feeding, pumping, introducing solids, return to work, and many things in between. 

Megan Schafers

Location: Home Visits

Little Nursing Company - Edmonton Breastfeeding

Little Nursing Company

Location: Thrive Chiropractic (Windermere), Home Visits, Virtual Support, Rental Pump
IBCLCs: Melissa Alexander, Mychelle Gagne, Brittney Harke, Jennifer Hanlin

Pine integrated health centre

Location: Edmonton (Calgary Trail/Argyll) & Sherwood Park
IBCLCs: Julia Mio, Megan Schafers

MilkBud - Edmonton Breastfeeding

Milkbud Lactation & Prenatal

Location: Home Visits, Virtual Support
IBCLC: Sheena Tabbert

Baby Experts, IBCLC & Pump rental

Location: Home Visits, Provide pump rental & supplies
IBCLC: Heather Downie, Caitlin Garcia

Leah Tully - The Mama Coach

Location: Virtual and In-home visits in Edmonton & surrounding communities

Prairie Baby Lactation

Location: Home Visits
IBCLC: Sarah Lang

Park Lactation

Location: Home Visits
IBCLC: Kylla Serben

Synergy Breastfeeding Clinic

Location: Sherwood Park, Synergy Wellness Center
IBCLC: Erica Kalke

Julia Mio

Location: Home Visits, VIrtual
Provides Rental Pumps & other feeding supplies

U Lactation Consulting

Location: Home Visits
IBCLC: Leah Cadieux

Birthing Since Forever

Location: Home Visits
IBCLC: Pam Davey

Labour Day prentals

Location: Home Visits
IBCLCs: Brittany H, Jennifer Hanlin, Leonie Kuppers

Samara McLachlen

Location: Home Visits