Breast Pumps & accessories

Pumping is breastfeeding. Pumping is often part of a family’s lactation journey, whether it is temporary or long term. Sometimes pumping is planned prior to baby’s arrival, and sometimes it is introduced when facing challenges such as prematurity or NICU stays, difficulty latching, supply challenges, etc. The pump you use does matter and is dependent on your feeding goals and particular situation. IBCLCs are trained and experienced in helping you choose the right kind of pump for you and help you with a plan to make sure the pump you are using, and the way in which you are pumping are helping you meet your feeding goals. Most private IBCLCs offer sessions specific to pumping.

Types of Pumps

The pump that is best for you can vary depending on lactation & pumping goals, supply concerns, feeding difficulties, length of time you anticipate to use the pump, financial resources, and easy access to accessories and supplies related to your pump. Do you need a pump prior to baby’s arrival? Probably not. Pumps are readily available at local stores and online. Not everybody who breastfeeds needs to pump. If pumping is required after baby’s birth, it is relatively easy to obtain a pump in a short amount of time. If you need help choosing a pump, IBCLCs can provide prenatal or pumping sessions to address your questions. 

  • Hospital Grade

    Best for people who are relying heavily on pumping to establish supply in early weeks. Eg. NICU families, non-latching baby, difficult birth process and subsequent feeding challenges. Rented.

  • Double Electric

    Best for long term pumping plans. Alternative to rental pump. Variable options and price points.

  • Single Electric

    Best for intermittent pumping when you also have a latching baby to support supply establishment.

  • Manual/Hand Pump

    Best for intermittent milk removal or breast relief. Affordable and effective. Not ideal if exclusively pumping for any period of time.

where to purchase

Consider purchasing your infant feeding supplies from local retailers. Pumps are also available at larger box stores. 

  • Bosom Babies

  • West Coast Kids

  • The Nest Boutique

    St. Paul, AB & Online.

  • London Drugs

    Best for intermittent milk removal or breast relief. Affordable and effective. Not ideal if exclusively pumping for any period of time.

How to rent a pump

Hospital-grade pumps are available for rental at most pharmacies, including many smaller independent pharmacies. Call around to ensure a pump is in stock before you go to the store. Pumps can be rented for a variable amount of time ranging from days to months. A deposit will be required. If you used the pump while in hospital and brought home the attachment tubing, you may be able to save ~$80. Most of the rental pumps are the Medela Symphony. If you already have the attachments, you do not need to purchase another set when renting. 

  • Pharmacies

    London Drugs, Shopper's Drug Mart, Walmart, Rexall, Medicine Shoppe. Rent from a pharmacy near your home for convienence.

  • Julia


    Free local delivery.

Flanges & Accessories

The right flange size can lead to more milk sooner, while the wrong size can lead to ineffective pumping and even nipple damage. If you are planning to pump long term, ensure you are educated on flange size and your pump settings. 

  • Flange Inserts

  • Find the right flange size

  • pumping bras

    Free local delivery.

  • Individualized consultation